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Monday, 29 July 2013

Best Song Ever - One Direction

Ab F#   FEb  Db  Db   Db  BbAb    Ab F#FEb     
Maybe it's the way she walked, straight into my

Db      Db  Eb F     Ab       F#   F       Eb  DbDb
heart and stole it. Through the doors and past the

BbAb    Ab    F# F  EbDbDb Eb   F  Db C   Bb  
guards, just like she already owned it. I said "can

Bb Bb  Bb  Bb      Ab Eb        Db   C    BbBb Bb  
i take you home with me?". She said "never in

Bb      BbAb   BbC     Db   Db     Db  Db  Bb   
your wildest dreams". And we danced all night 
Ab Ab  Eb   Eb   FEb Db Db  DbDb Bb Ab Ab 
to the best song ever, we knew every line now i

Eb     Eb F Eb   DbDb  Db  Db Db Bb Ab Ab
can't remember how it goes but I know that I

Eb      EbF     Eb   Db  Db  Db    Db  Bb  Ab  Ab
Won’t forget her 'cause we danced all night to the

Eb     Eb    FEb   Db   Db  Db  Db F Db Db Db
best song ever I think it went oh oh oh I think

 Db Db   Eb      Ab    Eb  Db Db Db  Db
it went yeah yeah yeah i think it goes...

Ab    F#    F     Eb  DbDb  BbAb Ab F#
Said her name was Georgia Rose and her

FEb  Db  Db EbF    Ab F#F   EbDbDbBbAb
daddy was a dentist. Said I had a dirty mouth

(i got a dirty mouth)

Ab   F# F       Eb Db  Db    Eb   F  Db C
but she kissed me like she meant it. I said

Bb Bb Bb Bb   Bb   Ab  Eb       Db   C
"can I take you home with me?" she said

BbBb Bb Bb  BbAb     BbC   Db Db Db
"never in your wildest dreams and we danced

Db  Bb   Ab Ab  Eb  Eb   FEb Db Db DbDb
All night to the best song ever we knew every
Bb    Ab Ab Eb  EbFEb  Db  DbFEb EbDb
line now i can't remember how it goes but i
Db     Ab Ab Eb   EbF Eb     Db    Db  Db
know that i wont forget her 'cause we danced
Db  Bb   AbAb Eb Eb    FEb    Db   Db Db
all night to the best song ever. Think it went

Db F  Db Db Db Db  Eb    Ab    Eb    Db  Db
oh oh oh think it went yeah yeah yeah think it

Db         F   Db   F Db    F    Eb EbDbDbEbF
goes... you know i know you know i'll remeber

Eb   Db F Db     F    Db    FEb     Eb
you and i know you know i know you'll

DbEbF     Eb  Db  F     Db     F  Db       F   Eb                                       
remember me and you know, i know, you know

Eb  DbEbF   Eb   Db F Db    F     Db   F Eb 
i'll remember you and i know you know i hope

Eb       DbEbF    Eb  Db   Db       Eb   Db  Db
you'll remember how we danced. How we danced

one! two! one! two! three!

F     Ab BbAbBb F Ab BbAb FEbDbFEb
and we danced we knew every line

(now i cant remember)

Db  Db Db  DbDb Bb Ab Ab Eb EbF
how it goes but i know that i wont forget

Eb   Db    Ab  AbF   Ab  AbF   Ab Ab 
her 'cause we danced we danced it goes

 Ab  BbAb      AbF#FEb      Db  Db
something like this...           we knew

DbDb Bb Ab Ab Eb EbFEb      Ab  Ab Ab  
every line now i dont remember how it goes

F    F  F      F   Ab Bb AbF EbDbBbEbDb  
but i know that i won't forget her

Db   Db Db   Db F Db  Db   Db Db  Eb 
think it went oh oh oh i think it went yeah

Ab    Eb     Db    Db Db    Ab   F     BbAb
yeah yeah i think it goes... best song ever

F Eb  Db  Db   F     EbDbFEb  Db  Db
it was the best song ever. It was the best

 F     EbDb F Eb  Db Db   F     EbDb
song ever. It was the best song ever...

Note: all this was done by ear so im sorry if a few notes are wrong. it would be much appreciated if you pointed out the errors. thanks :) x


  1. Can you do All too Well by Taylor Swift or Starlight, also by Taylor Swift